At the age of 10 years old, I lost my house in the Cedar Fires in East San Diego County. The numbers of my address to that house were 212. The next year when I was at Anaheim Supercross with my dad, I told him, “Dad, if I start racing and turn pro I’m going to be number 212 like our house. I’ll be on Fire!” A year later, I began racing and turned pro 8 years later with the number 212 on my bike. Since then, the number has represented just about everything I’ve done within the sport.

After numerous setbacks and injuries in my Amateur Pro career, the racing journey seemed to be coming to an end. Just at that time, I was offered the opportunity to run a motocross track here in Southern California. Without hesitation, I took the opportunity with the intentions of building a total playground to offer the action sports community that I have grown to love. Naming it after the number that "fired me up" from the get-go was only appropriate.

Now, I work amongst an incredible crew that joins me to present the

212 Land “Thrill Seeker’s Paradise”