MOTORCYCLES/ATV (85cc and up): $30

Military/Fire/Police/Seniors (must show ID): $25

Minis (65cc and under) $25

UTV: 2-seater = $40 / 4-seater = $50

Practice Day Spectators: FREE

Race Day Spectators: $10

Camping: $10 per vehicle


    Training Track

The Training track is a sandy turn track cut naturally into the hillside with tight ruts, whooped out straight aways, and beachy sand corners. This track does not get prepped.


The ATV/UTV/TRUCK Track is a 1 mile "Short Course" Style track with elevation change as it rolls over two hillsides and into one valley. It consists of wide, sweeping turns, some hairpin corners, a few table-top jumps, and one really fun step-up!


The Beginner Track is perfect for first timers who are new to track riding and want to better their technique and bike handling skills. Very easy layout with two small rolling jumps and a couple of rollers. Some elevation change, but not much. Small ATVs also allowed on track to get the hang of riding on a track. No big bikes or advanced riders! We want to assure our beginner riders a safe and comfortable riding experience.


- Average Laptime: 1min 10sec

- Distance approx. 0.8 Mile
- Biggest jump distance 60 ft
- Smallest Jump Distance: 15 ft.
- NO Doubles
- Smooth flowing layout
- Big bowl berms
- Not ripped deep
- Small but fun safe jumps, some have longer landings to challenge you to jump farther
-Favors 50cc-450cc bikes at any skill level
- Prepped and watered daily



- Average Laptime: 1min 55sec
- Distance approx. 1 mile
- Biggest jump distance: 110ft
- Smallest jump distance: 35 ft
- Deep loamy sand/DG dirt with some clay
- Roller whoops, table tops, hills, step ups, over the hill jumps
- Fast paced, develops good ruts/bumps, challenging and safe
- Prepped and watered daily

Offroad Trails:

If you enter the atv/utv track, which is on the backside of the hill from the national track, you are able to turn off in multiple spots which will take you out and about on approximately 5 miles of trails ranging from 1st gear to 3rd gear with tons of elevation, bushes, rocks, trees, valleys, and a few “wide-open” spots to get on the gas.

Great for grand prix practice and enduro riding.

Not prepped or watered


Freestyle ramps:

2 – 75ft kicker freestyle ramps and 1 35 ft super kicker only to be used by advanced riders that can be vouched for by past experience.


Slopestyle BMX Course:

12 ft. wooden drop-in to a 30 ft double out of a hole, landing into a dirt-wood "shark fin" hip to the LEFT. 22 ft. gap to a dirt landing into a dirt to dirt 20 ft. double, landing into the runway of the 35 ft. super kicker freestyle ramp stepup


212 Lagoon:

Man Made body of water about 100 ft in diameter and 9 ft. deep at its deepest point.

2 bicycle jumps on the edge of the water to launch yourself into on a hot day after some motos. Beachy hangout area. Located near the top corner of the Novice/Vet Track where the water truck fills up the tanks. Only open during summer months.