When will I die? Everyone has thought about or even questioned when their last day would be here on earth. Needless to say, no one can answer that. However, many tests have been created to give a general idea of when your last day here on earth will occur. People have been known to be afraid to die. Not knowing the hour, time, second, or day is very scary, right? Everyone is living to die, but supposedly die to live again. Going through every day not knowing when your last breath would be taken is a scare itself. However, life does go on and you must continue to live while you have breath.

When Am I Going To Die?

Life expectancy is when statistical measures of time an organism is expected to live. A series of questions are asked and answered to receive the date of life expectancy. Life expectancy is measured by LEB, which can be measured two different ways. It can be measured in Cohort or Period. Majority people don’t realize but the year of your birth and your date of birth can tell a lot about you.

when will i die

Death Clock

A death clock asks questions to gather some information and determine when your death date will occur. Not sure if these tests are accurate but they have been said to get very close to the date. It has been said that most men die in their 70s, while most women die close to their 80s. For example, questions like:

  • name
  • day of birth
  • month of birth
  • year of birth
  • gender
  • residence (big city, medium city, small town, or country)
  • transportation (walking, car, bus, bicycle, etc.)
  • drinking status
  • smoking status
  • sporting status
  • medicine status
  • body mass index (BMI) measured using your height and weight

So many tests have been created to give this predicted date that the questions vary for different sites.

How Will I Die?

Assessments have been created to give a date of death but it cannot tell how you’ll die. Elderly people say most people die according to their lifestyle. Therefore, if a person tends to speed, drink and drive, etc. there is potential to die from a car accident.

Assessments can be a good way to determine how long there is to live. However, it hasn’t been determined if these assessments hold any truth or not. No one knows the exact date or time they will leave this world. If it was that easy a lot of people would have list and task to complete before departing. People who are sick tend to have a better chance of knowing the feeling of death is getting closer. Even if the assessments are accurate no one can be prepared for death even knowing the date and second. Personally, it would be scary to even look into my death date. I don’t think I would want to know. How can I prepare? Will anything change? All of these are questions that no one would be prepared to answer. Not knowing is better than knowing and looking forward to that day.